latest news

ServedIt AES certification!
11 October 2012

ServedIT is in the process of becoming an accredited advanced electronic signature issuer... watch this space!

about me

have you met rex? he has a cute pet robot on his website...

yep, that's me. i'm a south african, mostly based in johannesburg, but i am known to travel for long periods elsewhere. i like working with technology and building cool things. erm, i can't really think of anything else relevant yet. :)

projects i'm working on

  • Pixelock

    Pixelock is a great way to create and remember very secure passwords easily
  • Virtryx

    Virtryx is an end to end virtualised desktop IT solution for small and medium enterprises
  • ListReaper

    ListReaper is a email list aggregator and manager
  • ServedIt

    An advanced document management and distribution system